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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

And the rain came down

(Just to note:  the video on the last post is now working)  As I noted in the last post I had 6 inches of rain last week.  Monday night they predicted rain, and sure enough around 10 p.m. it started raining at my house, followed by thunder and lots of lightening.  Tuesday morning I had 2.25 inches in the rain gauge.  But it kept raining and raining and raining.  I did not realize that it had rained so much until I got home.  My rain gauge had overflowed!  So between Monday night and Tuesday evening I had over 5 inches, probably more.  That makes a total of at least 11 or more inches of rain in just over a week!  Like we say around here, it is either feast or famine in the rain department!

But here's the fun part - my backyard was like a lake!  Normally the dogs hate to go outside when it rains, they do not like to have their paws wet.  But Sawyer, my lover of puddles and small streams, led the way right into the biggest puddle of water.  They had fun playing and running back and forth but they were a mess when they got through!

This is the water next to the house; there were similar spots all over the back yard. It was probably 2-3 inches deep in this puddle.

I'm very thankful for all this rain.  I have very mature oak trees that survived the drought, but were looking weak.  This soaking rain is just what they needed.  I actually do have a nice grass lawn in the front yard, and it looks beautiful this year, green and growing very nicely.  Of course, now I have to get out there and mow!  But that is just fine with me because I love the satisfaction of standing back and looking at the freshly mowed yard and feeling very satisfied with what God has given me. 

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