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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Walking the Way

On both of my trips to New England I was fortunate to get to walk the Marginal Way.  This is a paved path about a mile long along the Atlantic Ocean between Ogunquit and Perkins Cove, Maine. The first trip was in June and I delighted in the wild roses with their wicked thorns as well as the breathtaking view of the Atlantic.  This fall I had more time and was able to make the entire trip to Perkins Cove and back.  The air was crisp and almost cold, but again the walk was peaceful and scenic.  A memorable spot, and I hope to return to Ogunquit someday and walk the Marginal Way again.

This morning our choir did a piece with words that reminded me of my walks along the Marginal Way.  These words were a prayer written by Lancelot Andrewes who lived between 1555 and 1626. 

Open thou my eyes and I shall see,
Open thou my ears and I shall hear,
Incline my heart, I shall desire,
Order my steps and I shall walk the ways of thy commandments.

I know these words refer to walking in God's ways and keeping his commandments but as I rehearsed and sang those words this morning I could not help but think of those two memorable walks along Marginal Way .  The roses and landscape, the waves of the ocean, the clean air and the delightful pathway of the Marginal Way made those walks so pleasant.  I am reminded that walking in God's commandments is also a pleasant pathway through life.  

Order my steps and I shall walk the ways of thy commandments.

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