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Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidents Day 2012

Here is what I did NOT do today:
1.  Clean my house, really clean my house
2.  Laundry
3.  Sweep, rake and bag leaves
4.  Finish my final presentation for Statistics, due tomorrow night
5.  Sew on the quilt I have on the design wall, or on anything else
6.  Knit on the small shawl in my work basket
7.  Read any of the books in the stack
8.  Take the dogs to the dog park

What I did do today was far more important. Here is what I did today:

After I took Bentley to an early appointment at the vet, Cameron came over to my house and he and Jaydon and I headed to a nearby park.  It was chilly and damp but that did not bother the boys, I just added a sweatshirt and was comfortable.  I didn't take a single dog along, just my camera.  After two hours at the park we went to McDonald's for lunch, a McD that had an indoor playground.  After two hours there (and, yes I'm wondering why I hadn't thought of the indoor playground idea before as it was perfect) we came back to my house for some more outside fun.  The pictures say it all! And, oh yes, I know two little boys that went to bed early tonight!

Cameron learned to ride a scooter!

Climbing a 'rock' took some courage for Cam but then he had fun on top with Jaydon!

Scooters worked great on the trail


Only Gammy lets you dig up treasure in her yard!

On a final note, I hope I created memories today for the boys.  I know I have memories to cherish; and I know that I will never have this day again.  Tomorrow the boys are a day older.

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