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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What an ordeal!

I haven't been blogging, huh.  Well, that's because Blogger pulled a number on me and I've been locked out.  And I've been miserable without my blogs, wah wah wah!  I'm not sure what happened but I clicked on the enticing little line that said "Try the updated Blogger interface" and then the trouble started.  I'm always willing to try something new, but this was a disaster.  I kept getting a message that my browser was incompatible with Blogger and to try Google Chrome and then I got a blank page.  After trying everything to get back to the old interface I went into the Google/Blogger help.  All that does is throw you into a forum, but thank goodness someone started trying to help me.  Finally they sent me a link to download the Mozilla Firefox browser.  I was absolutely not going to try Google Chrome at that point.  Guess what...the Firefox browser let me into the blog and I was able to get back into the old interface.  What an ordeal!

So what does the future hold?  In the time that I've been locked out I learned about WordPress, creating your own web site and other intriguing things.  Do I see writing code in my future?  Not right now, but I think I do see some changes coming.  I had already been giving some thought to making some changes, so this bad experience will probably lead to those changes.  So, even good may come out of a frustrating ordeal.  

And, here is a Wordless Wednesday picture:

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