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Monday, January 16, 2012

Enchanted Rock

Jaydon, Sawyer and I headed out this morning to Enchanted Rock for a little rock climbing.  It was a perfect day to be outside; we started out driving in drizzle and at one point actual rain but by the time the Rock came into view the sun was breaking through.  The temperature was perfect to be outdoors but the wind, especially on top of the rock, was fierce.  Jaydon actually got a little freaked out by the wind once we got to the top so we didn't stay at the summit very long.  I think we would have both enjoyed the result of the climb if it had not been so windy!

As we were starting the hardest part of the climb I had the sheer terror thought, "why am I doing this, I'm terrified of high places, yikes!".  But I was determined I would climb all the way to the top, so I just forbid myself to look back.  The summit was large and safe feeling so we sat down for a water break (and to catch our breath) but the wind was just relentless so we started down...going right straight into the wind.  While Jaydon had pretty much scampered up the Rock, he was holding my hand going down!

Enchanted Rock-this is the only visible part of a huge underground rock.The Indians thought it was enchanted because it made unusual sounds when the rocks cooled at night.  There are several other folklore stories associated with the Rock as well.

Jaydon starting the last part of the climb.

The view from the summit.

Jaydon loved climbing on the rocks.  I think he would have gone all the way to the top of this rock if I had not stopped him but it was very tall and I did not want to have to explain to his mother what had happened if he slipped off!

The wind was fierce, as noted by Jaydon's hair.
This was made at the end of the trail.  Jaydon had fun looking for the trail markers (one is just to Jaydon's left in this picture) and there were a few times that I was glad to see one as there was no defined trail in places.

After we got about halfway down the wind was calmer and Jaydon decided to do some more rock climbing before we went to a very nice picnic area to eat our sandwiches and rest for a few minutes.  Then we headed out to try to find the scenic trail that looped around the base of the Rock. (I wasn't sure if it was because it is the middle of January or if was because of the drought last summer but everything in the area looked dead.  This area reminded me more of the brush country of South Texas than the Hill Country.  I wasn't so sure about the term "scenic".) We never did find another trail but did find another area with rocks to climb on. 

As we headed back to the car we found this tree along a dry stream bed.  We thought it was neat how the roots were exposed by the erosion of the water.

Sawyer found this small puddle and waded in before we could stop him!

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