It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Today's activities

Yes, there is NO training wheel on this bicycle! I took off the remaining training wheel this afternoon and he just rode off, no problems.  He got a little frustrated after the initial attempt but with a little coaching on pedaling and steering he was soon riding away.  He put on his helmet and Stephanie let him ride in the street which was a little smoother and wider than the sidewalk.

And what might this be, you ask?  It is a small, smushed pumpkin!  I had two pumpkins still sitting on the porch and I told Jaydon he could put them in the trash can.  So what did he do?  He threw it down on the pavement, of course.  I don't think he was quite prepared for what happened when it hit the pavement, nor was he prepared for the stink (gross!).  He got the shovel and cleaned the mess after having a good laugh!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Is it Spring?

We've had the strangest winter.  We had two weeks of bitter cold, including the brief ice/snow in early February.  Now for the last week it has been unseasonably warm and the long range forecast doesn't look any different.  I'm not complaining, but it is not quite right for it to still be February and warm enough to wear sandals!  Is it spring?  Will we have any more cold weather?  I'm not sure, but the sensible side of me says to hold off on any serious yard work.

But tonight I just couldn't resist digging in the dirt a little.  So I decided it wouldn't hurt to pull up all the frozen plants and empty those pots.  And I had had this plant that the former owner of my house had left.  I couldn't figure out what it was until last fall.  It would freeze back in the winter and then make little rosettes that turned into the plant when it warmed up.  It bloomed very nice purple blooms in the fall.  I had looked in garden centers (most of ours around here only offer petunias and begonias) and couldn't find it in my gardening books.  Last fall Southern Living magazine had an article on!  that was it!  So tonight I combined both pots of the sedum into a large pot on the deck.  And I had dirt on my hands and under my fingernails and it felt so good.  So, come on spring!

And, tonight while I was doing this little task I realized how good it is to have dogs for companionship.  Last spring I didn't have any little doggies to run around and play while I was working in the yard.  It is amazing what good company they are and how nice it is to have them in the yard with me while I work. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Latest with the Boys

Jaydon lost his first tooth about 10 days ago.  This picture is histerical but it was the only way I could get the snaggletooth to show!

Ok, you've got to be quick with the camera to get a shot of Cameron.  He was wearing Jaydon's Crocs Sunday night and I got this quick shot.  He was wearing my yard clogs but they were a little too big for him, Jaydon's were just right!  And he made Gammy real happy by sitting on my lap long enough to share a couple of chocolate chip cookies after our supper.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Using the ATM? Read this first...

Several Friday's ago I stopped at the ATM on my way home to get a little cash.  I've used this ATM for years as it is very convenient.  Now we've all read the warnings about using the ATM and being aware of our surroundings, leaving quickly, etc etc.  But I've never heard the warning that the machine might deduct the amount out of your checking account but not give you any cash!  Yes, that's right...the machine gave me a receipt with the amount (and the fee) deducted from my account but no cash. 

I had noticed that the vehicle in front of me had lingered for a while before pulling through and parking close by and as I was realizing that the machine had not given me any cash I saw the guy in that vehicle standing by his vehicle and watching me.  He was on his cell phone and called out to ask if the machine had not given me any money.  When I replied that it had not, he said it had done the same thing to him and he was on the phone with his bank.

Since this ATM is associated with a bank in the same shopping strip I pulled over and went inside to see what could be done.  I got the royal run around but they tried to tell me the machine would reconcile overnight and credit back my money.  When I got home I called my bank and they told me the same thing.  Wrong, it did not credit back my money.  So, now I'm having my bank dispute this with the other bank.  I've been told it could take up to 45 days.  And, as a "courtesy" my bank credited the funds back to my account.  

I have a feeling I may loose this battle, but I'm not giving up easily.  The machine did not give me any money and that's the honest truth.  So be aware if you use the ATM for cash this weekend that it may take it out of your account and leave it in the machine (or give it to someone else!). 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day

Last week was just a tad busy between work and school.  But I wanted to do something special for Jaydon and Cameron for Valentines Day.  So I made them pillowcases and put their name on each case, using glow in the dark thread (wow, awesome).  I picked out Batman fabric for Jaydon's and Thomas the train for Cameron.  Friday night Jaydon helped me set up the "big" machine to monogram.  I let him select the script and push the buttons to set up the program.  He had fun and we both had fun watching the machine run (one of those simple things!).  But the best part was taking the fabric with the names into a dark closet and seeing the name glow (wow, awesome).

I frantically sewed them together this afternoon and the boys modeled them, so to speak, tonight.  Thus, the following picture:

And, I caught this picture of Cam as he was getting ready to leave.  He was so cute, he just put his folded pillowcase under his arm and was ready to go!

And, for everyone's enjoyment I made Red Velvet cupcakes for dessert tonight.  Jaydon helped me make them and I actually let him use the hand held mixer to mix the batter.  He lost interest after a while and later realized that he had forgotten to hang around and lick the bowl when I was done!  

Friday, February 4, 2011


We had snow last night!  Not much but enough to qualify as snow and to shut down our freeways for several hours.

I probably had about a quarter of an inch of very powdery snow.  And like most of the city there was layer of ice under the snow.

The puppies loved it!  I'm putting more pictures on their blog. 

I had the thought as I went to bed last night that I felt like it was Christmas Eve and I was waiting for Santa.  The weather forcast was pretty definite that it would snow so I laid awake waiting for the snow, just like I was waiting for Santa.  As I drifted off I couldn't help but think how strange it is when we know something is going to happen while we sleep.  And sure enough when I got up at 4:40 a.m. to look out, the snow had quietly fallen while I slept.