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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day

Last week was just a tad busy between work and school.  But I wanted to do something special for Jaydon and Cameron for Valentines Day.  So I made them pillowcases and put their name on each case, using glow in the dark thread (wow, awesome).  I picked out Batman fabric for Jaydon's and Thomas the train for Cameron.  Friday night Jaydon helped me set up the "big" machine to monogram.  I let him select the script and push the buttons to set up the program.  He had fun and we both had fun watching the machine run (one of those simple things!).  But the best part was taking the fabric with the names into a dark closet and seeing the name glow (wow, awesome).

I frantically sewed them together this afternoon and the boys modeled them, so to speak, tonight.  Thus, the following picture:

And, I caught this picture of Cam as he was getting ready to leave.  He was so cute, he just put his folded pillowcase under his arm and was ready to go!

And, for everyone's enjoyment I made Red Velvet cupcakes for dessert tonight.  Jaydon helped me make them and I actually let him use the hand held mixer to mix the batter.  He lost interest after a while and later realized that he had forgotten to hang around and lick the bowl when I was done!  

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