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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Is it Spring?

We've had the strangest winter.  We had two weeks of bitter cold, including the brief ice/snow in early February.  Now for the last week it has been unseasonably warm and the long range forecast doesn't look any different.  I'm not complaining, but it is not quite right for it to still be February and warm enough to wear sandals!  Is it spring?  Will we have any more cold weather?  I'm not sure, but the sensible side of me says to hold off on any serious yard work.

But tonight I just couldn't resist digging in the dirt a little.  So I decided it wouldn't hurt to pull up all the frozen plants and empty those pots.  And I had had this plant that the former owner of my house had left.  I couldn't figure out what it was until last fall.  It would freeze back in the winter and then make little rosettes that turned into the plant when it warmed up.  It bloomed very nice purple blooms in the fall.  I had looked in garden centers (most of ours around here only offer petunias and begonias) and couldn't find it in my gardening books.  Last fall Southern Living magazine had an article on!  that was it!  So tonight I combined both pots of the sedum into a large pot on the deck.  And I had dirt on my hands and under my fingernails and it felt so good.  So, come on spring!

And, tonight while I was doing this little task I realized how good it is to have dogs for companionship.  Last spring I didn't have any little doggies to run around and play while I was working in the yard.  It is amazing what good company they are and how nice it is to have them in the yard with me while I work. 

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