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Friday, February 18, 2011

Using the ATM? Read this first...

Several Friday's ago I stopped at the ATM on my way home to get a little cash.  I've used this ATM for years as it is very convenient.  Now we've all read the warnings about using the ATM and being aware of our surroundings, leaving quickly, etc etc.  But I've never heard the warning that the machine might deduct the amount out of your checking account but not give you any cash!  Yes, that's right...the machine gave me a receipt with the amount (and the fee) deducted from my account but no cash. 

I had noticed that the vehicle in front of me had lingered for a while before pulling through and parking close by and as I was realizing that the machine had not given me any cash I saw the guy in that vehicle standing by his vehicle and watching me.  He was on his cell phone and called out to ask if the machine had not given me any money.  When I replied that it had not, he said it had done the same thing to him and he was on the phone with his bank.

Since this ATM is associated with a bank in the same shopping strip I pulled over and went inside to see what could be done.  I got the royal run around but they tried to tell me the machine would reconcile overnight and credit back my money.  When I got home I called my bank and they told me the same thing.  Wrong, it did not credit back my money.  So, now I'm having my bank dispute this with the other bank.  I've been told it could take up to 45 days.  And, as a "courtesy" my bank credited the funds back to my account.  

I have a feeling I may loose this battle, but I'm not giving up easily.  The machine did not give me any money and that's the honest truth.  So be aware if you use the ATM for cash this weekend that it may take it out of your account and leave it in the machine (or give it to someone else!). 

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