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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Seasonal Colors

Usually our main fall color happens in late November, right around Thanksgiving.  Not only is our color late, but it is different from other parts of the country.  We do have some brilliant colors, but mostly it is a deep, dark red. with touches of gold and orange.  Normally the Thanksgiving drives to the Peddler Show are filled with color and comments of, "ooo, look at that".  But not this year.  Everything was dried up and dead looking.  However, the rains of the last few weeks have done their magic. The colors started to pop up about a week ago.  As the rain increased, so did the colors.

This week I was waiting for an elevator at work, standing on the mezzanine and looking out across part of town.  The colors in this view are always stunning during the fall season.  As I looked out at the different shades of red, yellow, and orange I found myself grumbling about the crazy weather and mixed up seasons but then realized that this year was a double treat.  We are getting the beautiful fall colors right during the Christmas season when all the decorations and lights are out. 

Coming home yesterday I saw a big red bow on a brick wall.  The bright yellow and orange trees hanging over the wall just made that red bow stand out beautifully.  How fun to have both seasons combined together!

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