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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Reluctant Little Angel

Jaydon started singing in the children's choir at church this fall.  He had tried it once before but only went for a while.  This year he has been going regularly and seems to be enjoying it.  Last Sunday was the Christmas program, presented during the 11 o'clock worship service.  He was one of the angels in the "angel choir".  The Sunday before at the dress rehearsal he refused to wear the angel halo and wings.  No sirree, no way.  Stephanie talked up the program and pretty much told him there were no choices, he had to participate.  I think he just thought he would be embarrassed and, after all, this program thing was a new experience for him.

I wasn't sure what would happen when the day came for the program.  On the way to Sunday School I was talking it up, too.  But he put on the halo and the wings and participated, just like an angel.  Only his mother and I knew that he was reluctant about the whole thing!  He looked so cute in the little costume! 

Ah, the children's church Christmas of the joys of the season!

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