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Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas is still coming!

I haven't been posting the last week.  Not because I've been shopping, baking, and doing the seasonal fa la la la laing.  No, I've been sick.  Not sure if it was a bad cold or maybe even the flu.  I went home early on Monday, and actually called in sick on Tuesday.  I'm still dragging a bit; I think I'll be back to normal in a day or two.  So in a way, I've lost a week of December.  An important week with many things to be done.  In my frustration and trying to write a to do list I realized that I should not look at how many things I have to do but how many things I haven't done.  Here is a partial list:

I haven't made a cute picture of the dogs and printed Christmas cards.  But that's okay, I might do an after Christmas card.  After all the blessings of Christmas should continue into the new year.  And if I don't send out cards, that's okay, too.  I've had several years without sending cards and believe it or not, we still had Christmas!

I haven't finished decorating the house, or so I think.  Jaydon helped me get up the tree last weekend, and helped get some of the outside lights up tonight.  I still have decorations in closets and storage buckets.  I wanted to put up another small tree in the house, too.  Oh dear!  If I don't get the decorating done I'm sure we will still have Christmas!

I had bought some new floral picks and wanted to re-do several wreaths and a spray.  The picks are still in the bag.  The re-do may or may not happen.  We will still have Christmas!

I wanted to decorate my office.  Oh yes, a small tree, a Christmas wreath, a basket or two.  I had it all planned.  The question is that now that we are this close to Christmas do I really want to load up all the stuff and tote it up to the office and set it up only to reverse the process in a few weeks.  I think we will still have Christmas even if this doesn't happen.

I haven't baked any cookies, or anything for that matter.  I can do this after Christmas.  After all we will still have Christmas, with or without the baked goods.

That's a start to what I haven't done.  Yes, I have done a few things.  I successfully pulled off my office party and ushered at the Messiah, so check those items off the list.  I know that Christmas is coming whether I'm prepared or not.  And I know there is more to the meaning of Christmas than cards and decorations. Right now I'm curled up with Jaydon watching  "Home Alone 2", a real classic.  This is what is important, making memories.

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