It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Family Meals

Last post, spaghetti sauce.  This post, family meals.  Here's what I'm thinking:

Jaydon got a little put out with me on Sunday because I wasn't cooking on Sunday night.  Until recently on most Sunday evenings I cooked a meal and we all gathered to share it (the twins have caused a brief recess!).  He was annoyed that there was no meal on Sunday.  I asked him what he was hungry for, but he couldn't tell me.  So I don't think it was so much the food as it was that he missed our family gathering.

Now it has been said many times that it is good for a family to sit down and eat together.  My family did when I was growing up but those meals are more memorable to me for the food that my mother cooked than our family time.  I'm sure we talked at the table, but I don't remember that part.  When my children were growing up I came home from work and put a meal on the table almost every night.  There was usually some grumbling because it is impossible to please everyone, but the point was that a meal was served and we sat down together to eat.

Several months back our pastor made the comment that she has gone into many restaurants and seen families gathered around a table for a meal.  But sadly instead of talking with each other she had noted that they were all focused on the device in their hands! Were they communicating with each other, no I'm sure they weren't.  How sad.

So, back to Jaydon and his desire for a meal with his family.  At least I know that I've created a pleasant experience for him and he has good memories already of those family times together.  He values that time to sit down with those he loves and visit with one another while eating a meal.  There's something about sharing a meal that draws people together.  Just one of life's small, simple things!

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