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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day Lilies

I've always liked day lilies.  My grandmother had several clumps near the road in front of their house and I would clip them to go in the many bouquets that I cut and arranged when I visited their house.  I remember them being orange or yellow, but I can't remember any details.  I've planted them several times during my gardening career, but without any luck (blame the bad soil in one yard and too much shade in this yard).  But after last Sunday I'm thinking I might try again (next year!).  Sunday afternoon we went to the Botanical Garden and they had quite a display of day lilies:

This picture doesn't do the display justice, it was beautiful!

I had never seen a ruffled edge day lily.  This was enchanting!

Different shapes and different colors, so many varieties.

We were exclaiming, "look at this one, look at that one"

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