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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Adventure, Part 2

There were four or five hummingbird feeders by the back door of the house.  If you stood still a swarm of hummingbirds would descend on the feeders.  There was so much talking and going in and out that I couldn't catch a picture when they were all around but I did catch these two on final approach!

There was a deer feeder with maize set up in the back yard.  Several times I saw probably 40 or 50 cardinals feeding under it.  They were beautiful!

I also got a few pictures of the rabbits but it is so dry that the rabbits just blended in with their surroundings.  The dryness is really taking a toll on the wildlife, so pitiful!  We need rain so badly, and sadly there are parts of our country that are under so much water.  If we could just get some of the flood water piped over here!

And, I ended the weekend adventure on an itchy, uncomfortable note.  I came home with more red bug (chiggers) bites on me than I've every had in all my life.  As we were walking through the grass Saturday afternoon I had a suspicion that the little devils might be there and sure enough they came riding home with me (UGH!).  Fortunately, Jaydon didn't have any.  Our adventure was fun and we will remember it for a long time.

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