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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Spring Campout

Jaydon and I went camping this weekend. Our first stop was at Pedernales Falls. This picture was made from the top of the hill before you begin your descent. Since we have had no rain in months the falls are not flowing very much, only in a few places. I've always wanted to see the Falls after a rain, but no such luck. Our family camped here several times years ago, it is really a great place. Jaydon wants to come back for an overnight camp.

Jaydon loved climbing on the rocks!

He spent quite a while trying to catch tadpoles, but no luck!
He was successful in climbing up this big rock!

This was Sawyer's first campout.  He loved the water and even jumped in briefly for his first swim!  I'll put a post on the dog's blog about his camping adventures.
After we got to Blanco Jaydon couldn't wait to go swimming in the river. We walked across the little damn to an area that was like a walled in swimming area. He swam for a few minutes but the water was cold so we went hiking around the park for a while.

Blanco State Park is a small park but was a nice place to camp. The park was full, but very quiet and peaceful. I saw a sign on the pavilion that it had been built by the CCC in 1933-34 so I suspect that the park was built around the same time.

I'm not amazed that Jaydon loves to play with the fire, so do I! We built a nice fire and roasted hot dogs (Jaydon actually did the cooking) and made s'mores.

The title of this picture has to be "Misery". It had been thundering and lightening while we enjoyed our campfire and as we went to bed the storm hit. We were dry and fairly warm in the tent. But Saturday morning it was chilly and damp and we only had shorts and t-shirts to wear. And to compound Jaydon's misery....silly Gammy forgot the propane for the Coleman stove so there was no bacon and eggs for breakfast! We did get a charcoal fire going and managed to heat water for coffee and a flavored coffee beverage that warmed us. Needless to say, we broke camp early!


  1. This brings back memories of our families camping together when Steph and I were kids! Note that neither one of us is avid campers now...Your last paragraph reminds me that it is not my thing :) Looks like you and Jaydon had a great time!

  2. This weekend I had several flashbacks to those times together. Our families had fun and I hope we created good memories for ya'll even if you are not campers now!