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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Made in....where?

I didn't think I would ever even think of writing something like this but here goes...last Friday night Jaydon and I went to Academy to pick up a few camping items.  We walked out with more than I had on my list, but that was to be expected.  Two of the items were blue enamel ware mugs (I love enamel ware!).  When we got home I filled the sink with hot, soapy water to wash them.  I turned the cup over, and as expected there was a label to peel off before washing.  But what jumped out at me were the words "MADE IN CHINA".  I don't know why that jumped out, but it did.  And I thought, grrrrrrr.  Then I started looking at all the things we had bought and everything, except the 2 gallon Igloo water cooler, was made in China.  Everything! 

I remember that my mother used to read the "made in" labels and generally would not buy something that was made in a foreign country if she could find what she wanted that was made in the USA.  I remember a particular story about some socks that she went all over Jackson looking for because they were made in the USA!  But I never dreamed that I would start doing the same thing, but I am!  And it is very disturbing to see that so few products are made here in the states.  So, the purpose of this post is to tell everyone to check the "made in" labels and buy American!

And, just for the record, the Igloo cooler was made in (praise God) Katy Texas!  Three cheers for the Lone Star State!

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