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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The busy world

I should be working on macroeconomics homework, but I've got this thought in my head.  During choir practice tonight I remembered that every Sunday for years our worship service ended with a little song.  I always loved it and thought it was so appropriate.  Now we sing something different every few weeks that usually matches the theme of the messages and the worship service.  But I thought I would put the words to this song here since they have a nice message for Lent.

Let us now depart in thy peace, Blessed Jesus.
Send us to our homes with God's love in our hearts.
Let not the busy world claim all our loyalties,
Keep us ever mindful, dear Lord of thee.  Amen
(Found on page 668 of the United Methodist Hymnal, this is a New Mexican folk song)

It is hard sometimes to keep our minds on God.  The busy world clamors for our attention and we rush through our days and nights without a thought for God, unless we have a crisis and call out to him quickly.  During the Lenten Season we do need to be mindful of God's message to us and the hope of Easter.

And now, back to macroeconomics.

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