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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Happenings

Well, another weekend is ending. They always go so fast and then it's like the '70's song about Monday, Monday. And then we are off on another week.

I kept Cameron on Saturday night and made a bunch of photos so I'm putting a few here and on his page, too.
Cam discovered the full wall mirror in the dining room!
For some reason Cameron is attracted to this little door on my entertainment center. He will open the door and put a small toy in the cabinet and then shut the door. He has been told repeatedly to leave it alone, but he just can't so I had to make a picture of him playing with it!

And look at those curls! I love this photo and when I have a little time I'll run it through Photoshop and get the glare off but I had to put it in here! Aaaaaawwwww!
We said goodbye to Jaydon today. He has left for a visit with his Dad and will be gone for several weeks. I miss that little guy already. I managed to say goodbye to him without any tears today, but yesterday morning as he was leaving we had a tearful scene with both of us crying. I prayed for peace for him (and myself) and I know that was what made the parting easy. I know God is watching over him.
And finally, I took the pups on their first full walk tonight. They did great, had to pick them up part of the way as those little short legs got tired! When we got home I installed the stake out in the front yard and hooked them up. I had imagined a tangled mess, but the only problem they had was that both of them managed to step out of the harness while they were hooked up. They have now passed out, tired little pups!

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