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Thursday, June 3, 2010

We Have a Graduate!

Class of 2010 (2022)

Jaydon graduated from Kindergarten today and we are so proud of him! Yeah Jaydon! I made pictures of the graduation but used my "purse" camera that has a flash range of almost zero so the ceremony pictures didn't turn out too great. Lesson learned!

Jaydon and Dr. Williams
It seems like this year went by so quick! But now it is summer and time for a break (we had to explain to him that you get a break during the summer between grades!). To kick off the summer we left school and went straight to the Witte Museum to see the dinosaur exhibit. WOW! It was great and we spent the entire afternoon there enjoying all the fun (kid) things to see besides the dinosaurs. Jaydon was flipped out at first because all the dinos are animated and make loud noises. I think he was having a Jurassic Park fear attack. I realized that they were activated by motion detectors so once he learned that he could control them he calmed down. They also had several that you could activate by pressing buttons on a board so he thought that was neat, too.

Animated dinosaur in front of the museum sets the stage!

Jaydon is digging for dinosaur bones

Inside the Science Treehouse

What a great day! A graduation and then a wonderful afternoon to start the summer season!

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  1. How precious is that? And it makes me feel O-L-D!!