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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Winter Sun

McA Park 2
Finally, today the sun returned.  It's been there all the time, but for the last week we have had cloudy, drizzly days with a slow, soaking rain starting on Friday night.  I love those dark days when I'm home, but when the morning sky revealed sunshine this morning there was a new spirit in me!  I had to think that the sun's arrival was like the frosting on a cupcake (corny, I know)! We needed the rain, but bring on a little sunshine please.
This afternoon was time for a leisurely walk at the nearby park.  It had warmed up in to the low 60's and the air was perfect for a walk.  What a welcome relief to be back outside!
McA Park 1
The little creek in the park actually had water in it.  What a welcome sight!
McA Park 3 Sawyer
Sawyer was my companion - he loves to walk.  Today I expected him to be at a trot or all over the path, but he stayed right with me and only ventured into one puddle which I'm sure was chilly!

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  1. Sawyer is so so so cute! How old is he? Very scenic and pretty place for a winter walk and i do love that first should frame that one!