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Friday, March 13, 2015

I know it is spring

Typical of the weather and season changes in the place where I live we have gone from bleak winter to blooming spring within a day or two.  I'm not complaining about the cold weather or abrupt change.  Some years it warms up in early February and by this time in March it is hot, air-conditioner weather.  The lingering of winter was not a problem, really.  But when it left, it left. Early this week it was still sweaters and boots, build a fire in the fireplace, drizzling, and chilly wind blowing.  Today it was 80 degrees and will remain in the lower 70's for the next few days.  I am sure it is spring.

The first hint of the nearness of spring was several weeks ago on a cold, dark, drizzly drive home.  I glanced over and saw the first redbud trees beginning to bloom.  Good grief, I thought.  Have they no shame - it's freezing cold and here they come like it is spring already!  But they gave me hope that the cold days would soon be over.

The next sign was revealed to me yesterday evening.  As I drove to handbell practice I passed a baseball field with little leaguers practicing; when I returned after practice the field was full of softball girls and their dads involved in practice.  Ah, the first games of the season must be near.  As I drove on a little way I got a whiff of freshly mowed grass, what a welcome smell! Spring is in the air.

Tonight I didn't need the warmer temperatures to tell me it is spring.  I went outside and started moving plants around, watering them, and beginning the spring clean up; when I get motivated to do those things I know the season has changed.  But wait, I found more signs as I worked.
The mountain laurel is blooming!

The pansies and violas have put forth more blooms
The biggest surprise was the iris!  Two blooms and another one forming!
Yes, the signs are everywhere.  The only thing missing is the bluebonnets.  I have yet to see the first one, but hope to over the weekend.  We've had rain, so I know they are there but running a little late.
Happy Spring, may it come to each of you soon!

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