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Monday, September 29, 2014

Captain Hook makes an appearance

Several weeks ago Cameron asked me if I would make him a Captain Hook costume, just for play.  He is five and likes to dress up in costumes.  He showed me several that he found online and since one of the patterns actually used a child's shirt I told him I would accommodate his wish, after all that's what Gammy's do!

I briefly thought about getting a pattern and fabric and sewing the costume up, but only briefly.  I remembered the solemn vow I made to myself as I made that last prom dress and set in that endless zipper up the back:  I will never make a garment again, ever. 

I found the t-shirt at JoAnn's for around $3 and came home to put this together.  In spite of the fact that I have a hoard of trims and ribbons I didn't have anything that I needed for this project.  So back to JoAnn's for trim, nothing expensive and the extra went into the hoard.  I also got a yard of $3.99 fabric for the cape.
We told him to make a scary face, so he did!
And, I found the hat there on the second trip.  Although it wasn't on sale I did have a coupon so I picked it up for a few dollars; I knew I had to get it to complete the costume.

This was the easiest costume I ever put together. Cut off the sleeves of the shirt, slit it up the middle. A little glue and a little sewing was all it took.  He loved it!
His only request was for me to add a piece of Velcro at the neckline to hold it together as it kept falling off.


  1. Captain Hook is ready for the seas, he's adorable.

  2. Did you make that spiffy little hat, too? What a good Grammy you are.

    1. The hat was a lucky find that completed the costume. He has a "hook" but couldn't find it while I was visiting on Sunday!

  3. Awwweeee! That's just the best pirate I have ever seen! I can't wait for when Allie starts asking me to make her stuff.