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Friday, August 8, 2014

There's nothing like fresh herbs!

Fresh oregano and basil
Several Saturdays ago (yes, I'm a little behind here) my neighbor rang my doorbell and said that he was trimming their herbs and asked if I would like any.  My response was what do you have?  He had oregano and I didn't have any growing, so over to his yard I went.  He also had some nice basil, nicer than my scrawny little plant, so I picked up some of that, too.

I had just returned from an early morning trip to the Farmer's Market and had a sink of vegetables to wash, so the thought of fresh herbs to complete my food stash was very satisfying.  But the best part was to come.  I put the fresh herbs in this little plastic container with a little water and covered them with a wet paper towel.  I left them sitting on the kitchen counter while I did other things. The aroma that filled my kitchen was unbelievably wonderful!  The fragrance of the oregano and basil combination was very pleasing.

Reluctantly, I finally stashed them in the refrigerator.  But not before I wrapped several of the basil leaves around grape tomatoes that I had bought that morning and enjoyed them with my lunch!

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  1. I wish my herbs looked like that! My rosemary still looks okay, but my basil and Greek oregano look pitiful.