It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Friday, August 29, 2014


I went to therapy after work today.  It was great!  No, no, no, it was not that kind of therapy.  It was much was fabric therapy!  If you are not a fabric person, then this will not make sense.  If you are then you understand how good it feels to run your fingers over the fabric and imagine it running under the needle of that little Singer.  And you understand the state of mind that you enter as you wander around the shop with your arms loaded with bolts of fabric.  Not to mention the mental challenge and stimulation you get from imagining the fabrics you are looking at and seeing them in the finished project.  Even when this is frustrating, it is therapy! You feel so good afterwards!

Made in 1957, I love this little beauty!

I don't know when was the last time I went in a fabric shop, at least several months.  It  has been just as long since I even tried to go in the sewing room and actually sew.  I did recently order some fall flannels and a pattern to make pumpkins. When the fabric arrived oldest grandson was here and he pulled the package out of the mailbox, puzzled about what was in the fat, squishy envelope.   When I pulled the fabrics out he commented, "Why did you buy those?  You probably already have them somewhere in your stash"! LOL what a wise 10-year old.

I decided this week that it was time to get started with projects again.  I decided that a small applique Halloween wall hanging would be fun (I have a tight deadline, I know) and pulled out a pattern for a little cat on a pumpkin.  I really wanted to do another one, but have no idea where the pattern is and did not want to look for it. I also looked through the container of fall fabric to see what I had that I could use for this project (part of the therapy process, looking for scraps).  Due to the fact that I was tired that evening I decided that I did not want to dig through the scraps and then try to get everything to coordinate.  Nothing to do but just take the plunge and buy everything I needed.

After work today I hit one of the quilt shops on the way home.  It is a small shop and after browsing I saw nothing I wanted, so I moved onto the larger one nearer my house.  When I walked into the store I felt like I hit the Vegas jackpot as all the Halloween fabric was right by the front door!  I walked around the store a bit before I started collecting fabric (this is part of the therapy process).  I managed to stay focused on the project and did not even think about another one (also part of the therapy, very hard to do). Soon I had a lovely stack of an orange print for the pumpkin, black for the cat, green for their eyes, a purple, a gold, and a green plaid, plus the black print for the border.  So now it is ready, set, sew! Great therapy session, will probably need another one soon!


  1. I have been away from sewing for awhile, enjoyed it tremendously. I have decided to jump back into it by making a table runner for the fall season. I agree, sewing is good therapy.

  2. Love your featherweight! I'm working on my 99 right now sewing a long overdue baby quilt. Sewing while frustrating is probably one of my favorite things to do. Haven't been doing a whole lot while Allie was small but slowly getting back at it. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks LindaRe and Lana! There's something about sewing that just binds us together and gives us wonderful peace. Please post pictures of both projects on your blogs, finished or not!