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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


The month of January is going by almost as fast as November and December did for me.  I'm finding it hard to believe that we are three quarters through the first month of 2014. In thinking about this I found myself wondering how many of the 2014 New Years' Resolutions are long forgotten!  I think that most people make resolutions knowing that, while they sound promising, they are not meant to be kept. 

I know this isn't profound, but aren't resolutions just saying that we are going to do things we should be doing anyway? Like eating healthier or getting more sleep? The idea is that you are going to giving up a bad habit (something you shouldn't be doing).  Or are resolutions things we are correcting that we should not have let happen in the first place? Another example: resolutions of loosing weight or getting out of debt.  Realistically, resolutions are really just a way to express a desire to get rid of your bad habits. 

Make a commitment, not a resolution, to get rid of that habit and/or make the needed change.  It might be easier to keep focused and find a way to realize the desired outcome if you think of it as a commitment that has to be kept.  The idea of a new year and having a starting point for a new beginning does lend itself to starting out on a new path with good intentions of making changes. Set goals, make a plan, and stay committed.

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