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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I want to stay home today

The prevalent thought in my head today has been, "Today would be a good day to stay home".  I first had the thought early this morning as I sat on the sofa with the dogs and a cup of coffee.  We had gone out briefly, but came in after the "doggie-business" was tended to because it was wet and cold.  As I sipped the coffee I envisioned staying home on a cold, wet, dark day. I could see myself wearing sweats and enjoying the warmth of my house and that feeling of security when I pull the walls around me.  It would be a good day spent enjoying the patterns of the leafless trees against the dark sky and the occasional drizzle on the deck as seen through the windows, of course.  I could spend pleasant hours in the sewing room, or spend some time writing or even reading.  But, alas, it was not to be.  Off to work I went, having the same thought as I headed down the driveway and into the damp, leaf covered street.

All morning long this thought reverberated in my head.  If I was home I would be enjoying this winter day.  But lunch time came and I had a small reprieve from the thought.  For several weeks I'm working in San Antonio again and had resolved to try to get out some for a lunch break to not only eat at favorite spots but to make pictures and take little lunch expeditions.  Today it worked out that I could actually take a lunch break, so off I went into the cold, wet, dark day, but still having that thought that I wished I was home.  I headed to one of my favorite spots, The Southwest School of Art. What a great choice, perfect for the day and to get that thought out of my head.

Our fall color this year has been exceptional.  As I pulled into the parking lot this still colorful tree was a nice contrast to the drabness of the sky.  I had to make pictures!

I had to wait for the little restaurant to open and enjoyed this view into the dining room while I waited.  Inviting, isn't it?  The coziness of the old room was perfect for enjoying a hot lunch on a cold day. I always think about all the girls that passed through the lunch line and into the dining room when this was a school.

Even so, as I drove back to work the thought returned and I found myself thinking that it would be a good afternoon to be home, maybe taking a nap on the sofa with the dogs snuggled around me. 

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