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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tarts and pizza

Two weeks ago Jaydon and I spent an enjoyable Sunday afternoon in the kitchen making tarts.  I had seen this recipe on a blog I like to read, Mulberryshoots.  The recipe was easy, and they looked yummy so I decided to try them.  It was a perfect recipe for cooking with a nine year old!  We had a good time and the tarts turned out good even though I put too much filling in them.  We are definitely making these again.  I know that I came away with good memories of our time together; I hope Jaydon did, too.

Raspberry tarts in the prep stage

Last Friday we had Gammy night at Cameron's house.  I decided to try the cooking experience with both boys and let them make a pizza.  Cameron got into this!  He had fun making the pizza, posing for a picture, and eating the finished product.  Again, I came away with good memories and I think Cameron did, too.  (Just to note, Jaydon wasn't too interested in the pizza making process, not sure why).

A proud pizza chef!

From time to time Jaydon has done things in the kitchen with me.  Now that he and Cameron are older I hope we have more kitchen time together!  I have so many good memories of time spent in the kitchen with my grandmother, and with my mother, too, and I want my grandchildren to have the same experience. 

I still remember watching my grandmother make biscuits or cornbread from scratch.  She had no recipe to follow and didn't use measuring cups or spoons!  I asked her how she knew what to do, and her reply was that she had done it so much she just knew what was right.  I can't cook like that, but I can make memories like she did!

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