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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lenten Thought #3

Thought #1:  Love
Thought #2:  Peace
Thought #3:  Forgiveness

I think Easter is mostly about forgiveness.  After all, Easter morning is all about the sacrifice on Good Friday so our sins would be forgiven.  That sacrifice and subsequent forgiveness shows us God's love and brings peace to our hearts. 

Not only do we need God's forgiveness, but we need to be forgiving of others.  We've all heard stories about people who carry a dying grudge against someone, living a miserable life that is either full of anger and/or bitter resentment just because they can't forgive the other person.  What about forgiving ourselves, too?  We can carry around baggage of our own just because we can't forgive ourself for something in the past.

In her book Against Wind & Tide Anne Morrow Lindbergh's reflection on forgiveness seems to sum up the wonder of forgiveness between God and humans and between humans.

"Forgiveness--mercy seems to me the most beautiful thing on earth, perhaps because it is unearthly, and the touch of God in us: 
the miracle of mercy, the unexpected, the arms of the prodigal son's father, ...the cup running over".


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