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Friday, July 27, 2012

Sunset in the rear view mirror

Bentley and I are on a little dog show road trip.  We left town on time but traffic delays put us over an  hour behind schedule, ugh! I opted to stay on the interstate rather than take my usual route through some rural areas and small towns; not sure why but the afternoon had already turned into evening and I was ready to just get where I was going.  We were on the road at sunset, still an hour or so away from our hotel.  I-20 is a fairly enjoyable drive, for an interstate any way, and I was just trying not to think about the delay and still enjoy the drive.

Imagine my pleasure when I glanced in the rear view mirror and saw the big, red sun slipping down through some clouds.  I realized that the delay had given me an opportunity I would have missed if we had been on time.  I watched the sun set in the rear view mirror (yes, I was watching the traffic and the road ahead, too!).  

As the sun set and the colors of the sky changed I thought about how many times I've tried to photograph a sunrise or sunset.  I never can get the camera set up quick enough, and the colors are always gone.  They change quickly and then vanish.  Trying to photograph a sunset is like trying to catch the wind, you just can't.  It seems that the lense of the camera never catches all the brillance of the colors.  Even so, there's always another sunset to watch on another day.  I wonder if you could capture the essence of the sunset in a picture would you enjoy the next one as much?

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of sight to see the sunset.  And for the promise of sunrise to come and another day tomorrow.

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