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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not Just An Expression

I have a supply of sayings that I use frequently.  One is (and this is figuratively), "I'm going to pinch your head off".  This is used when I'm mad at someone I love, like children or pets.  Another is "Haste Makes Waste".  This is usually used in the context of sewing when I try to rush or take a shortcut I know I shouldn't.  

I also use the phrase "Your sins will always find you out".  Yes, you can imagine the context that is used in and yes, it is true!  Until today I just thought that was a saying.  But, it is from the Bible!  How did I find this out?  I have a little devotional book that I like to take outside and read after I get home, weather and time permitting.  This is a habit formed from having dogs and wanting to sit outside with them when I get home.  Imagine my surprise when I opened up the book and there was today's verse,

Be sure your sin will find you out 
Numbers 32:23

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