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Monday, July 23, 2012

Nandina Berries

Last year there were no nandina berries, none.  It wasn't due to birds munching on them or little fingers pulling them off; it was the heat and the drought of last year's dreadful summer.  This year, thankfully, is different.  We have had rain and only a few days of excessive heat although it is hot enough now. 

In April the nandina bushes put forth quite a few berry stalks. 
By mid-May the crop was looking good. 
So far I think we will have berries for Thanksgiving this year.  The birds had a few; however, Jaydon is old enough to understand that if he pulls the little green berries (they are so tempting, I know) we will not have red berries at Thanksgiving so quite a few have stayed on the stalks.

So, why do I write about green nandina berries?  This morning while I sat outside with the dogs enjoying that first wake-up cup of coffee I could see the berries in the pre-dawn light.  I realized that it is already almost the end of July.  Soon football camps start, followed by pre-season games.  Ah, the wonderful sound of a football game on the television!  Then comes cooler weather, pumpkins on the porch after a trip to the pumpkin patch, the Quilt Festival, and then family gathered around the Thanksgiving table.  By then the little green berries will be red and beautiful as we start the Holiday Season. Seeing the little green berries reminds me of the season to come and that I look forward to the fall season even though it is only July!

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