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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tax Day Is Over

Thank you dear God, I have survived another tax season.  This year was brutal.  I've decided that it isn't the tax process so much as it is the people.  It is amazing how people procrastinate and then want everyone else to jump through hoops to get them what they need (yes, the things that they had in the first place but were too lazy to keep up with).  Or they know they need to make that contribution so what do they do?  They wait until 4 p.m. on tax day and call to say they are on their way.  Or they need money to pay the taxes so they wait until today and then want us to wave our magic wand and make money suddenly appear in their account.  

As one of the guys says, "Your inability to plan ahead and manage your affairs does not constitute an emergency for me".  Every year I say that I am not going through another tax season, ha ha ha.  That's funny, right?  I guess I should just be glad I survived and it is finally over!

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