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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring, wildflowers, and another day of amaryllis blooms

This has been the strangest spring, or what we call spring here.  It is NOT a true spring but it suffices for a season.  I can't bring myself to do a post on things I like about spring because it just isn't spring.  Wildflowers are scarce, the weather has been pleasant but way to warm, and I'm not itching to plant anything because it hasn't rained in months.

In regard to wildflowers, I worked in a little town north of here today and as I drove home on I-10 I lamented how few wildflowers there are this year.  But I reminded myself that when we do have rain (preferably in the fall) that we will have wildflowers again.  But why...because the seeds will be there in the ground waiting for the rain.  Yes, I told myself they are there and the flowers will bloom again.  I think seeds are amazing.  They can lie there, through brutal winters and hot dry summers but just the right amount of rain at the right time and they sprout, bloom, and re-seed themselves.  There is a lesson there!

And finally, today's picture of the amaryllis with two blooms open.

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