It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

When what-if becomes reality

Made in America 1957.  Still running perfectly today.
Several years ago I started playing the what if game with myself.  It started one boring day at work when I realized that my desk was perfect for cross stitching (at that time I was still under the delusion that I had time for intricate stitchery).  The lighting was perfect and my chair was comfortable; what if I could just sit here and stitch for the rest of the day, I asked myself.  It was a delicious day dream that gave me a little encouragement. Then the what if became: what if I could set up my beloved Featherweight machine and sit here and sew all day?  There's even room for a small pressing board and little iron.  I could just see those little fabric pieces rolling under the chattering needle!

I still play that game with myself.  But now I am coming to realize that those what-if's are really dreams that are coming from my inner self.  My heart whispers these longings to me in the form of a dream in the what-if game.  Now when I have the "what-if I could" thought I find myself stopping to consider if that what-if could become a reality.

One of those dreams to reality has now unfolded itself and I want to share it with you, dear readers, in this post.  I love writing and I love sharing words. Over five years ago I started this blog and have written over 500 posts.  But, still I've wanted more and often had the thought what if I could take this writing to the next level.  One of the ways I've wanted to do that was through a web site where I could continue with posts but have opportunities for offering more than what is available through Blogger.  I'm excited to share that the web site has become a reality!  Now, honestly, it isn't quite a true web site (maybe someday), but through WordPress I'm able to have my own domain and customize a site quite a bit.  I've been working on this for several months and decided to go ahead and publish the site now because I know that it is going to be an on-going process that I will never complete! 

The new site can be found at  I've been putting a few blog posts from here on it, so it may look familiar.  Blogger has been very good to me and I'm leaving the dog's blog and Doorway Into the Past with Blogger.  For a time I'm going to post Small Simple Things in both places, just until I feel completely comfort with WordPress.  I'll be writing more about the new site in future posts.  I invite you to please join me on the new site.

The next what-if?  Well, what if I could write a book, or two, or three.  I'm listening to those whispers from my heart! Thanks for reading here and please keep reading as I make this change and share more words in the spirit of bringing peace and joy to the reader!


  1. Yeah, just go for it! I am cheering you on!

  2. Yea! I can't wait to see what happens!