It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Sadly, I have no nandina berries this year.  Not a one. So I have to enjoy the pictures from last year.  This one was made late in January as the berries were beginning to fade.
Happy Thanksgiving!  I have much to be thankful for this year, I am blessed.  I find myself being thankful for many things and have realized this week that I don't think I truly realize some of the things in my life that I should appreciate and recognize as blessings.  There are just so many things to give thanks for this Thanksgiving.

One of the things I give thanks for is the gift of writing and these blogs.  The writing has always been there, it just didn't really come to a realization until I had the idea that evening when I saw the tiny mum under the dead leaves that I needed to start writing a blog to capture my thoughts.  Indeed, writing these blogs has fulfilled a creative need in me.  Sometimes the words just seem to flow from my fingers, straight from my thoughts and into words.  Thank you for reading, dear readers, I am thankful for each of you.


  1. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! I really do enjoy your writing and am glad to have found your blog. Have a great day!

  2. Thank you, Lana! I'm glad I found your delightful blog, too! You help me stay connected to my Mississippi roots!