It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happy 60th Anniversary!

Just married!
This almost slipped my mind, but today would have been my parents' 60th wedding anniversary.  Earlier I had been reminiscing about their 50th anniversary celebration and wondered why it had popped into my thoughts; finally, the date connected with me and I realized that this was their 60th.

The wedding was simple, held in my grandparents' home.  A friend played the piano and sang and the refreshments were cake and punch.  I remember my mother saying that after paying for everything for the wedding she had twenty-cents in her wallet when she and Daddy pulled out of the driveway to leave for their new life together!

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  1. Awe! Love her glasses! Too cool. My grandparents had a simple ceremony too. Their families were farmers so they really couldn't justify buying a big poofy dress to just wear one time. My grandmother wore a pretty full skirted 50's frock and my granddaddy wore a sharp Sunday suit. They got married in the local church and had punch and cake like your parents. It's amazing how things have changed!