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Friday, October 31, 2014

Crazy Christmas Purse

I only signed up to take 2 half day classes this year.  I've found that I just loose my momentum after the lunch break with the all day classes.  Plus I always get frustrated because you are working in a small space and there are always the speedy gals who are already running their machines wide open while I'm just getting everything sorted out and that frustrates me.  The half day classes are perfect unless they dim the lights and try to do a Power Point presentation and then I go to sleep.  Boo!

Today's class was perfect, although after I started the project I thought it would be boring.  We made these little bags in the style of a crazy quilt, something I've admired but never thought to do.  It was fun, especially because most of it was done with glue!  Yeah, glue!  I exercised a little creativity with the project and it was fun to watch it emerge.  I still need to sew on the handle on one side and then it is ready to go.  I see some more future crazy quilt projects.  What a great way to use up all those scraps of fabric and trims that I just can't seem to make myself throw away.  It would also be easy to embellish with a few beads and embroidery stitches.
Here's a detail of some of the red quilts on display.

Lana, I appreciate your comment as there are a lot of times I just want to close my eyes and find myself where I need to be!  Houston's traffic can be wild, but I've found that my main problem is just not knowing where I'm going and what lane to be in at the right time! Although my sister has lived here since 1991 (her hubby is a local guy and knows where everything is) and I've been coming to the Festival for a number of years this is the first year I've felt comfortable with the driving.  I think part of my confidence has come from driving in San Antonio during the past few years - we have the worst traffic in the universe and I've learned to deal with it! Traffic - UGH!


  1. What a joyous and creative bag! I was never a fan of Crazy Quilts, though my grandmother made a few, but the bag is awesome. I remember one she made for my brother when he was a young boy, and she used an old tie that had the design of a horse's head for the center. I wish I knew where that quilt was now!

    Love the red quilts too, one can never get enough of red quilts. I find city traffic daunting after having living in Oxford for 12 years now, and dreading going through Dallas in a bit. Driving in 5 pm traffic on Thursday and noon traffic on Friday in Jackson reminded me of how long it has been...and how long it takes to get anywhere!

  2. I am a fan of the crazy quilt but never dreamed of making one. I think I could handle doing the bag.

  3. Houston is truly wild! I made the trek one time at 6 months pregnant to meet my husband when his mother passed away from cancer. He was already out in west Texas in his big truck, and we didn't see the need for him to come home and get me. I was 30. I had driven in Atlanta. I had driven through Mobile by myself and home at 21, I could do this! We had already made the drive a few times and when I realized that his directions were putting me out on the main SIX lane highway, let's just say there were a few choice words made about his lineage. I did it, but I don't recommend that stretch after a long day of driving.

    I love the bag by the way! I just finished a baby quilt Saturday and as soon as it arrives at the recipient I intend to share pictures. :)