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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Meeting Jelly

Why is this ten-year old smiling so happily?  Because his mother is filling out the adoption papers for a dog that he just had an incredible experience with.

This is going to be his dog!  Her foster mom named her Jelly and her litter mate Peanut (cute, right?)

We are all thrilled to welcome her into our family.  She'll come home to live with her forever family on Tuesday after she gets spayed.  This was a case of love at first sight and instant bonding between a boy and a dog!  Here's how it happened:

Saturday morning we headed down to the Farmer's Market that's held on the beautifully restored and repurposed historic San Antonio Brewing Association property (where they made Pearl Bear for many years).  It was already getting hot and we had had to park on a side street and walk across to the Farmer's Market.  However, before we got to the market there was a pet adoption event sponsored by SnipSA, a local rescue organization.  So, we slowed down! We looked at the dogs, some in cages and some on leashes being walked around.  We admired some beautiful calico kittens (if my house wasn't full I think two of them would have come home with me!) before walking on. 

We were headed to the market but passed a little grassy area where there were several dogs on leashes.  A young lady was holding two very similar dogs and as we walked by one of the dogs came toward us, of course we stopped. Jaydon knelt down and started to pet the dog (actually I think this was Peanut that came forward first).  A few words were exchanged, we laughed about the dogs' cute names and then it happened.  Jelly came toward Jaydon and he started petting her and within 30 seconds I could tell that they were bonding!  I've never seen anything like this, ever! The look on Jaydon's face was incredible!

His Mama told the foster mom that although they wanted to get a dog that she knew she couldn't take both.  The foster mom explained that although she had found the dogs together that they were not specially bonded and were easily separated.  A little more discussion and Stephanie went to get the adoption process started.  Jaydon and Jelly had made that special dog/human connection and Stephanie knew this was the right dog for them!

Peanut and Jelly together
Jelly is between six and nine months old, per the vet that checked them out.  She is very calm and I'm sure will train easily.  Jaydon took her and walked around and even without much training she was easy to walk. The foster mom was hoping that she would find homes with children for the dogs because of their easy personalities, so she was very pleased! She had found them at a local park and had agreed to foster them for the organization. I'm sure they had been dumped there as she said they were full of fleas and filthy dirty.  Even so, the foster mom said they were just very friendly and hopped right into her vehicle.

I'm super excited for them and will never forget the look on this boy's face as he bonded with his dog!

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