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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Little Rainbows and Big Blooms

I'm in the final weeks of school, set to graduate in August.  Plans for more school?  Maybe, but tonight was my short class and we all bolted out the door at 8 p.m.  While I was in the building the wind had picked up sharply and the clouds had changed from light and fluffy to dark and fragmented.  As I got in the car I decided that since it was still early that it might be prudent to fill the car with gas tonight.  So I pulled into the station by my neighborhood.

As I started the pump I stood gazing across an open field, over the rooftops of houses, wondering about the weather.  The wind was still blowing strong. Then I saw it, just the end of a very light rainbow stretching from clouds to the rooftops. Usually these appear when there is rain, but these clouds were not rain clouds so I was puzzled.  It was faint, but I kept my eyes on it while watching first the small strip of yellow color dominate, then the pink and then the green.  Rainbows always remind me of God's promise to Noah and to mankind that never again would he destroy the earth. 

The normally boring, time consuming task of putting gas in the car was no longer tedious.  The exhaustion of the day seemed to disappear during those few minutes I spent peacefully watching the rainbow's color display, feeling the evening breeze on my face, and loosing myself in thought.  God's promise/God's love/so refreshing!

No, I don't have a picture of the little rainbow, but I do have this crepe myrtle to share.  Since we've had rain recently the crepe myrtle's have just exploded with color.  In all my driving around it has been fun to spot them, white, pink, purple, red showing off their colors. This one is in the front of the building where I go to school.  Last week before class I took the point and shoot camera out and walked back outside to make pictures; I'm glad I did because yesterday morning we had torrential rains and tonight there were very few blooms left.  Not to worry, I had almost 5 inches of rain in the rain gauge after the storm, so I'm sure in a few days the blooms will reappear.

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