It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday night findings

Here's a few simple things I found while outside tonight:
I found 2 little marigold plants, one yellow and one orange that had come up in this pot of petunias.  I just love little things that "come up volunteer".  The petunias were also volunteers that had been transplanted into this pot last fall. 

They are a little bedraggled, but that's okay.  They were cheerful during the winter. 

I have two tomato plants, one in a big pot and one in the ground.  I discovered 7 little cherry tomatoes tonight on the one in the pot.  Strangely there are no more blooms, so while I am grateful for these I do have to hope for a few more.

I'm not sure what kind of bird this is, but I've seen and heard them many times.  They are tiny, but have a loud, cheerful song. I was a little far away, but zoomed in anyway since he was one of the things I found tonight.

Lacey is my little garage kitty.  When I go out she is always right where I am, rubbing on my legs or whatever I'm working on.  What a sweet little girl!

I love chrysanthemums!  These have bloomed for years in planters by my front porch.  They bloom, I cut them back, and then they bloom again.  They are most prolific in the fall, but I usually have a few blossoms year round.  A few weeks ago I had cut these back, and tonight I have the first blooms. These same plants were what inspired me to start this blog.

Finally, I was playing around with the aperture on the camera and snapped this just messing around.  It had such a neat effect, that I thought I would share it, too.  The amaryllis are just about done; I will be sorry to see them fade as they have greeted me every morning and evening with their cheery red blooms.

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