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Wednesday, July 24, 2013 passing

Where does time go, we ask.  It is already pushing close to the end of July.  I realized this when a few nights ago the local sportscaster on the station I watch was reporting, live, from the Cowboys training camp.  Yikes,  just a few more weeks and it is time for pre-season!

The temperature on this thermometer doesn't look too bad.  It is showing 90 degrees, but it is in the shade on the back of my house.  The actual air temperature at that time was hovering between 99 and 100 with a heat index of 102.  It is July after all.  But there is good news:  there is already a tropical storm off the coast of Africa.  I'm checking the National Hurricane Center every 4 hours for updates, just in case it decides to hold together and enter the Gulf of Mexico.

I remember when my children were small that every summer when school was out I would count the weeks until school started, always thinking that we would have so much time to enjoy summer activities.  But the weeks would fly by so fast, June, July and then back to school.  The summers never seemed long enough.  I always hated having to work in the summer and send the kids to the YMCA camp at their school, but looking back I know that they probably had much more fun at the camp than they would have had if I had been able to stay home.  Still, the summers were too short then and they still are, so it seems to me.

My goal for July was to completely re-organize my sewing room, not to mention to clean it up.  My plan is to be able to actually go in there and sew.  I started off good, even before July started.  I sorted through fabric, patterns, quilt kits, finished and unfinished projects.  I bought plastic storage containers, took magazines to the library's exchange box, threw away plastic bags (why was I saving those?  I have no idea), stacked up things to read, and actually vacuumed the room.  I also pulled out boxes and boxes of paper pictures and albums that need to be worked on.  Got all the knitting yarns together and organized some Christmas projects.  Good progress I thought. 

But then just before the July 4th holiday I got a sore throat, then I started running fever and feeling lousy.  When I lost my voice completely I decided that it was in my best interest to see a doctor.  Diagnosis:  upper respiratory infection.  Armed with a small arsenal of pharmaceutical items I took on the infection.  I stayed home sick from work for two days, but kept dragging my self around in a medicated stupor.  The meds did kick in and I started to improve somewhat, but I was still in somewhat of a daze a week later and still no voice.  I also discovered what I had suspected, that I can not take any med that has the letter "D" after it.  That threw me for a loop.  No work on the sewing room project.

Then I passed several July days working as a ring steward at two dog shows.  The first was three days at a local show.  Then last week I headed to Houston to a very large show, working another three days there.  I had a great time and wouldn't have missed it for the world, voice or no voice.  Still, no work on the sewing room project.

And what else have I done this month to pass the time?  I finished one class and started another one all in the same week.  Check those classes off, I'm almost done.  But no more work on the sewing room project and still not much voice.  July is almost over.

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