It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Here's proof

I submit this photo as proof, once again, that children do NOT need expensive toys to entertain themselves.  This was the view from my front door this afternoon.  This fort, made of beach towels, umbrellas, chairs and scrap wood, entertained the neighborhood kids for quite some time.

Ah, to be a child on a hot summer afternoon with creativity for your playmate!


  1. And not only that, it develops the imagination, which is critically missing in many "educational" toys. And although I would probably like to visit the Fort when it is a little cooler, it is a grand Fort!

  2. It was uplifting to see this ... so much better for them than watching TV or sitting in a trance with a Kindle in their hands! Thank you for sharing it.