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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Mimosa Tree

This is my mimosa tree, seen from the front of my house.  They are not overly common to this area, but not exactly rare either.  I know that mimosas are basically considered a weed tree, but I have always loved them. I remember driving to see my grandparents shortly after school was out and seeing them dot the southern landscape, heavy with salmon-pink blooms.  But what I really treasure are the memories of playing in the two that were on the edge of my grandparents' property.  My siblings and I (and sometimes visiting cousins) would get my grandfather to take a step ladder down there so we could get up into the branches.  We spent hours in those trees; I don't remember what we were doing and it doesn't matter.  We just had a good time there and I have priceless memories.

When I was in the process of buying my house I had the opportunity to visit with the older widow lady who was selling the house.  I felt a connection to her and to this house when she told me that she had grown up on the Mississippi/Tennessee border.  I'm sure that the mimosa tree planted in the backyard was a result of her upbringing. 

I need to cut the tree down; it is being crowded out by the larger oak tree and is also really too close to the house.  But I can't do it since it reminds me of childhood visits to a place I loved.  And did I mention how fragrant the blooms are?

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  1. I, too, love Mimosa trees, Beth. I featured one on my blog a while back, and their blooms are spectacular up close.

    I have a fondness for sycamore trees for the same reason you feel the way you do about mimosas. We spent many happy hours playing in an old sycamore in our yard when I was little. I wonder if children even climb trees these days?