It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Brown Eggs

I don't know why but I almost always buy brown eggs.  There really is no difference in taste between the white eggs and the brown eggs, but there is a difference in price.  I think it goes back into my childhood when I would walk across the highway on hot Mississippi afternoons to spend time with my great-aunt.  She had laying hens and would occasionally let me go into the hen house to gather eggs with her.  I remember that she was terrified of snakes, which are plentiful in that part of the country, and would always be afraid to let me stick my hand into the nests!  I'm not sure how she managed to ever gather eggs herself.  She had several fake eggs that she would put into the nests to fool the hens into thinking that their eggs were still there; I loved to play with the fake eggs, too.  And, yes, the eggs from her hens were brown.  She would keep some of the eggs and they would line up very neatly in the egg keeper in her refrigerator.

I don't keep the eggs in an egg keeper; they stay in the carton until I'm ready to use them.  But I still like to open the carton and see those beautiful brown eggs!


  1. We like them because they are prettier! I buy brown eggs because the color of the shell is appealing, as well as the fact that they are from cage-free, free-range hens. We have a grocer in Water Valley who carry locally sourced blue-green eggs, which come from a particular kind of hen.

    1. Years ago I lived in a semi-rural area and many people had hens and ducks. They would give me fresh eggs that were absolutely delicious! And, they were very pretty, different colors and sizes. The duck eggs were especially good for baking.