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Thursday, May 16, 2013

A few more words and I'm done on this subject

I feel compelled to add a few more thoughts about last night's post on the computer demise.  Now, this really isn't the subject matter that I want to put on this blog, but I feel like writing this so I have to humor myself and let the words leave my fingers!  Just like those nandina berries last year that I couldn't leave alone.

So, I lost the computer.  The pictures weren't an issue, thankfully.  But I did loose several e-mails that I hope I don't need.  I lost a few contacts; I had never put a lot on the notebook so I didn't suffer too much loss.  And I lost my web favorites, probably the hardest thing to re-establish.  The documents that I think I had on the hard drive were mostly research related.  I also lost all the formatted references I had accumulated in Word.  But, what's lost is lost.  Like the old saying goes, there' no point in crying over spilt milk.

The lesson I'm getting is that I need to organize information.  If I want to rely on digital retrieval, then it has to be in order and stored securely.  A process has to be in place. In re-creating some of the information I realized that I need to get a list of logon's and passwords together and store securely, too.  I know you aren't supposed to do that, but how else will I remember all of them?  What about going back to paper storage, I'm thinking about that as well for a back-up?  I know that paper can be lost or destroyed, but is sure seems simple to start putting contacts into the old paper day-planner again.

Final thought:  Am I addicted to the computer?  Or dependent?  Is it a security blanket for me? Is it a convenience?  Or just a connection with the world? As I picked up the broken pieces Sunday night I was horrified that I had no access to the cyber world and was almost frantic until I plugged the new one in.  The question is:  Could I live without it?

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