It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sandwiches, plain and simple

The sandwich really is simple, isn't it?  Just bread and some fixins in between!  It is a simple thing, but I find them so delicious!  As I recently enjoyed a BLT I decided that I needed a list of my favorite sandwiches, so here goes (note that the only specification here is that I do not ever use a thick sliced bread since too much bread takes away from the flavors of the fixins).

  1. BLT-that's bacon, lettuce, and tomato.  Use white bread and just a very thin coat of mayonnaise.  Romaine lettuce has the best flavor and fresh tomatoes, if in season, make it most tasty. Yummy with plain potato chips.
  2. Fried baloney-use white bread, toasted.  Mustard and a slice of American cheese is all you need, just make sure to put two slices of the baloney (not bologna) on the sandwich.  Comfort food all the way.
  3. Pimiento cheese-can be on either wheat or white bread.  Homemade is best, but it should be made with cheese that is grated from a block, the pre-grated cheese in a bag doesn't mix well.  It has to be made with Miracle Whip.  Store bought is okay, just make sure there are no creative ingredients in it. Have with a glass of sweet tea.
  4. Turkey-can be on wheat or white.  Best made with the turkey left over from Thanksgiving, preferably just a few hours after the big meal.  Use a thin layer of mayonnaise and a thin layer of spicy mustard.  I prefer the white meat, topped with fresh spinach.  Best eaten with another helping of your favorite side, if there is any of it left over.  The sandwich makes a great snack, too.
  5. Ham and cheese-bread can be wheat or white, make it with a thin layer of sandwich spread and mustard.  Any kind of cheese is good.  Toast in a toaster oven, mmmm good. Anything will go good with this one. Drink a glass of cold Coca-Cola with it, too.
  6. Chicken or tuna salad-I'm lumping these two together because often you can't tell the difference until you taste.  I'm picky about the chicken, no bones or yucky tasting chicken, and I prefer white meat.  A local store makes it with rotisserie chicken and that is excellent.  In either case the ingredients should be simple, no grapes, apples or onions in either one.  Bread can be wheat or white.  Just add lettuce and tomato and it is done.  These go good with fruit salad.
  7. PBJ-I don't eat this too much any more because it isn't very filling.  But it is a good sandwich.  Drink a glass of really cold milk with it.  Pretzels and a banana are good sides.
The simple things in life are the best!

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