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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sandwiches: The finale

I couldn't believe I left off two sandwiches on my list in the last post.  So, with no big ado, here they are to conclude this topic, at least for now.

Grilled cheese-perfect comfort food, especially good with a cup of soup.  Should be on white bread with light coat of mayo and American cheese.  Spread soft butter on both sides of sandwich and toast in toaster oven, flipping half way through.   As a child this was always my favorite sandwich, and is still high on the list.

Grilled Ruben-I've never made one of these, but they are good.  My only restriction is that the corned beef (or pastrami, what ever they use) has to be thinly sliced and used in proportion to the sauerkraut so you don't have a big blob of meat.  Should be toasted and served with a pickle.  I like the ones from McAllister's Deli.

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