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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Storm watch

This week we've watched the approach and arrival of Hurricane Sandy; a storm that turned out to be a real "doozy" when combined with other forces of nature. I had to marvel that although we can predict the weather with close accuracy we can't control it.  There was nothing to do if you lived in the north east except prepare.  No way to stop it, it was a'comin!
I've always loved the weather.  Wind, rain, storms and sun all intrigue me.  Several times a day I check the National Weather Service for the local forecast; I watch the local television forecasts, too.  I love to be outside when a storm is coming or the weather is about to change.  The weather maps with highs and lows and front lines charted are a good read to me.

Years ago I had a paper hurricane tracking map.  I tracked several major storms on it; if the storm was really major I didn't erase the coordinate markings but left them for a future reference.  Back then I had to get the coordinates off the television.  Now I just check the National Weather Service, no paper tracking map needed but it isn't quite as much fun.

As the storm races on its predicted path it has left destruction behind.  The pictures of uprooted trees, flooding and destroyed property remind me of the power of the weather.  A force we can't control but we live with daily.

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