It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I'm starting a new class tonight. Its title is Organizational Communications and the text deals with organizational behavior.  I had to laugh today as I was reading the text on my lunch break when I came to a chapter on problems and encountered this sentence "Unfortunately, most problems don't come neatly packaged and labeled "problem.""

I could just see the UPS (or /Fed Ex) delivery person bringing me a package labeled "Contents: problem".  I certainly wouldn't be excited and would definitely refuse delivery.  No one wants problems, that's for sure. 

Sometimes life's problems do come suddenly, just like a package off the delivery truck.  But sometimes they are like the sink holes that you see on the news; they start off small in a tiny crack and grow and, if left unattended, grow into a massive problem.  They sneak up on ya!

Sometimes when problems pop up in our lives we say "why me Lord?" But as I read this text I was reminded that we just need to pray and ask God to get us through the problem.  So just refuse the package and send it back!

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